Cannabis Hemp Terpenes Information

How do they differ from combined botanical terpenes that attempt to mimic strain profiles?

All terpenes are not created equal.  All plants contain one to several hundred terpenes.  Terpenes are the unique and powerful flavor / smell profiles that also create various medicinal and therapeutic effects on their own.  It is often challenging to reproduce a Hemp or Cannabis strain by mixing botanical terpenes in ratios that are designed to mimic a unique strain because there are so many minor terpenes that may not be added. When you are going for a “full spectrum” effect from Hemp or Cannabis cannabinoid intake, it is important that the products contain Cannabis or Hemp derived terpenes.

Below we offer several different Hemp Derived Terpene variations for you to purchase.  Please note that these terpenes are very powerful and should be diluted. Only 1-2 drops should be used per 30ml / 1oz of liquid.

Terpenes can also be added to different isolates, distillates, oils and even hemp cigarettes

cannabis hemp terpenes chart
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