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Hemp CBD and CBG “Products” are not what PotluckExpo.com manufactures.  We offer Hemp based CBD and CBG supplemental creations for our distributors to aid their customers needs to the highest degree!  We offer a full spectrum of cannabinoids combined with hemp derived terpenes in dropper form sub-lingual tinctures, vape / vaporizer cartridges, isolate, Pain Relief Balm, Salve and Oil, Sleep Aid CBN Drops, CBD CBG Mouth Spray Tinctures, a Pet CBD line and more…

What is the Cannabis Sativa Hemp full-spectrum effect?

The Cannabis Sativa Hemp full spectrum effect is the experience the user receives from a well rounded assay of cannabinoids and terpenes as similar as possible to what the whole plant offers in its ripened state of consumption. By combining cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, CBDa, CBGa along with actual Hemp derived terpenes (essential oil from the Hemp plant) we are offered a more satisfying result that not all producers may be aware of.  Our Hemp terpenes are a large factor when considering our very satisfied customer satisfaction rates.  The Hemp terpenes have a profile of over 100 different Terpenes that cannot be mimicked by combining a few terpenes from fruits and plants other than Cannabis Sativa Hemp. Anyhow, in a nutshell, the “Full-Spectrum” or “Entourage Effect” is a more realistic, well rounded result from combining different cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc,) and terpenes rather than having a single cannabinoid by itself in a supplement.

Why PotluckExpo.com for Hemp Wholesale?

High-Quality Ingredients – PotluckExpo.com sources the most premium industrial Hemp based materials from third-party partner farms and labs that have sustainable, environmentally friendly farming standards, state-of-the-art CO2 and food grade Ethanol extraction processes.  The CBD and CBG we use in our creations is grown without any pesticides in metal free soils of Colorado, California, Oregon and other areas of the United States.  Some of our extracts are also sourced from partner farms and labs in Europe.  The Hemp that has been grown in Europe strictly conforms to the highest EU regulated growing standards which are comparable to our organic farming practices in the USA.  Our Hemp Derived Terpenes are steam distilled leaving nothing but a great taste and essential hemp oil comprised of hundreds of mono-terpenes that cannot be mimicked by adding individual Terpenes together as other brands often do.  Try a Terpene sample today for your unique formulations!

Turn-Key and Professionally Packaged -There is nothing else you need to do except for place the items on the shelves and website (images provided upon request)!

Very Good Pricing for Very Good Quality – We are in it to help the people. We know that when we offer a fairly priced quality product that customers will love, the money will follow.

Honorable and Accurate – Our formulations are always precise and accurate.  All Hemp materials and isolates are third-party lab tested for purity and cannabinoid content ensuring an accurate concentration in each batch that is formulated.  This is our duty and our highest mission to serve you honorably.  All we have is our word and we stand by it. Let’s work together for the long-term!

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