Hemp CBD Cannabidiol for pets


Hemp CBD Cannabidiol for pets

Hemp CBD Cannabidiol for petsOur pets are like children to us all as well as best friends and the last thing we want to do when they are ill is give them manufactured pharmaceuticals that are known to have devastating side-effects! CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is extremely helpful in treating pets as they enter the middle to latter parts of their lives!

CBD cannot get your dog “high” because it is scientifically isolated from industrial hemp which has little to no THC, the active cannabinoid that produces the “high”.  Veterinarians are not allowed to prescribe CBD products for animals because it is not FDA approved and still remains a schedule 1 drug.  Marijuana advocates have petitioned the Drug Enforcement Administration to consider rescheduling marijuana, which has been unsuccessful thus far.

Pet owners testimonials backed by news stories and individual research has proven that CBD is a “miracle” when it comes to treating anything from digestion problems to seizures to nausea!

  1. Julianna hated to see her beloved dachshunds suffer with painful disc problems and side effects, even after unsuccessful treatments with Tramadol and Rimadyl. She chose to treat her dogs with CBD-infused oil. After few weeks, the mood and mobility of the dogs improved without any notable side effects.
  2. One pet owner acknowledged the anti-convulsive benefit of CBD and his dog’s epileptic episodes have reduced to one per month after cannabis treatment.
  3. One California-based pet owner has said that CBD has significantly improved the health of his dog after an injury.
  4. David Bourgouin’s dog suffered traumatic injury between the chest and the leg. The injury caused a large cyst that limited the dog’s mobility and surgery was recommended by the veterinarian. Due to the high cost of surgery, David opted to treat his dog with CBD and the results were amazing. After a few weeks, the dog has been able to run without any signs of persistent pain.

The bottom line is this: the American Medical Association (AMA) has been urging the Federal Government to reschedule marijuana. Legalization would be helpful to conduct veterinary research studies, and to develop cannabinoid-based formulations. Like the AMA, the AVMA has called veterinarians for scientific debate on this issue, which is noteworthy.

Here are some favorable testimonials that support veterinary cannabinoid use, even on the AVMA website. The AVMA website has published testimonials of pet owners who endorsed cannabis use and who claim its use has dramatically improved the quality of life and mobility in animals that were previously unable to ambulate. More over, cannabis has improved appetite and reduced the reliance on conventional medications, particularly in animals that are intolerant to those drugs.


How a dogs body reacts to CBD

The available pharmacological data on animals is scarce. Unlike humans, dogs metabolize cannabinoids in a different way. In dogs, 2-AG and anandamide are the primary messenger cannabinoids. These chemicals activate CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain and other regions, respectively. Being an agonist to these receptors, CBD weakly binds to these receptors for a longer duration, and evokes long-lasting therapeutic response without causing toxic effects.

After intravenous infusion, CBD distribution was reported to be rapid, followed by prolonged elimination with a terminal half-life of 9 hours. The total body clearance may take up to about 17 hours after administration. The oral bioavailability appears to be low (13-19%), which may be due to the first pass effect in the liver. With low bioavailability, the risk of developing systemic toxicity may be low in dogs.

Once the effects wane, the dog’s liver metabolizes the cannabidiol and eliminate it via the urine or bile in a sustained and safe manner. This might be the possible reason for achieving immediate but prolonged therapeutic response in CBD-treated animals.

We hope you will consider trying hemp based CBD for helping your pets through any injuries or illnesses!


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