How to Get a Doctors Recommendation for Cannabis in California Under Prop. 215

You may purchase products online.  We do not require a Doctors Recommendation to purchase our products as they do not contain THC and are derived from Industrial Hemp.  If you seek to purchase Medicinal Cannabis in California under Prop. 215,  a recommendation is needed.  You may also purchase Recreational Cannabis in the State of California without a Dr. recommendation as long as you are 21+ years of age.

In every state which allows medical marijuana, you must first receive a doctor’s recommendation for using cannabis. A recommendation can be obtained by receiving a good faith examination from a licensed doctor, who deems that cannabis is an appropriate treatment method for a pain or ailment you have.

Where to Start

In California, to obtain a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis, you can:

Visit your primary doctor: while this may seem a bit daunting at first, more physicians than ever before recognize the benefits cannabis can provide. Your doctor knows your medical history, and can offer the best assessment to determine if cannabis is right for you.

Visit a recommendation clinic: if you prefer not to visit your primary doctor, you can visit a clinic and receive a good faith examination from a cannabis specialist, who will determine if cannabis may be beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

Hint: Make sure the clinic you visit is established and trusted in your community, and has third-party verification. This ensures dispensaries and the police can easily identify you as a qualified patient if necessary.

It’s best to do your due diligence before choosing a recommendation clinic. Research online, or just ask us!

Making an Appointment

After deciding which route to take in receiving a cannabis evaluation, making an appointment should be easy. If you choose a cannabis clinic, you can either:

– Call

– Or let us help you schedule an appointment online with a trusted physician (we’ll confirm with you and the doctor)

Your Visit

On the day of your appointment, you should arrive several minutes early with the following items:

– A valid state I.D card

– Proof of California residency

– Proof of your medical condition

Receiving a good faith examination to find out if cannabis might improve your life should be a comfortable, informative task.

If you’ve selected an appropriate clinic, you’ll first be asked to complete paperwork with general information, medical history, and a description of the symptoms you’d like to be treated for.

Once called, you’ll likely enter an additional waiting room, where a nurse may check your vital signs and ask basic questions about your visit.

Once the doctor is ready to see you, you’ll enter a separate private room in which he or she will address the symptoms you’re experiencing, what treatment methods you’ve used in the past, and any concerns you may have about cannabis.

Depending on your condition, the doctor may perform routine physical examinations (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.).

Some of the topics that might come up during your conversation include:

– The cause of your symptoms

– The duration of your symptoms

– Previous treatment methods you’ve used

– How your symptoms affect daily life

– Any prescription medications you take

– Your previous cannabis use and consumption methods

After speaking with the doctor, you’ll exit the room and likely receive your recommendation at the front desk, if the doctor thinks cannabis will be beneficial for you.

Ask Questions

While the doctor should inform you of your local cannabis laws and providers, make sure you request information if he or she doesn’t. Things to keep in mind are:

– Cannabis carry laws, how much can you carry with you?

– How much can you hold in your home?

– Which cannabis providers are licensed and legitimate?

Additionally, take note of the various brochures & advertisements in the lobby of many clinics — they often provide valuable information on cannabis use and can point you in the right direction when looking for the right dispensary or delivery service.

Forms of Cannabis Patient Identification:

Letter recommendation: a physical document signed by your doctor or other cannabis specialist recommending the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

State-issued I.D. card: a card issued by the county that grants you maximum protection from possible prosecution, and let’s both dispensaries and law enforcement easily identify you as a cannabis patient. Keep in mind that a record is kept of who has a state-issued medical marijuana card.

Patient I.D.: a photo identification card that allows someone to easily verify you as a qualified patient.

Recommended Clinics

There is a huge number of doctors who issue cannabis recommendations in Southern California. As you may already know, some (if not many) are known to operate illegitimately, or even illegally. They may be careless with sensitive patient information, falsely advertise their prices and policies on the internet, or even offer unsafe conditions for visitors.

On the flip-side, there are plenty of legitimate physicians and specialists who truly believe in the benefits cannabis can provide. They are well-versed in their knowledge of cannabis providing good faith examinations.

Allow us to recommend several doctor offices and clinics. They come highly recommended on the basis of:

– legitimacy (license, HIPAA compliance, health & safety regulations)

– focus on patient privacy and excellent service

– easily verifiable recommendations

– accessibility

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