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Size: 1ml cartridge, 510 battery connection

Amount Cannabinol per cartridge: 415mg (1ml Cartridge)

Dosage: 1-3 draws

All natural ingredients: MCT Oil (from coconuts), Organic Hemp Cannabinol, blend of steam terpenes and/or extracted essential oils

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Our blend of sleepy time vape juice with all natural ingredients *No psychoactive THC*

Size: 1ml cartridge, 510 battery connection

Amount Cannabinol per cartridge: 415mg (1ml Cartridge)

Dosage: 1-3 draws

All natural ingredients: MCT Oil (from coconut and palm), Full Spectrum Organic Cannabinol, blend of natural relaxation oils

CBN Cannabinol Research Studies:

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Natural, Orange, Lemon, Mint


  1. John Vidak IV (verified owner)

    After reading about cbn’s sedative properties, i decided to purchase this product because it was the only one i could find that would ship to my state. This review is based of my experience I had on my first night. I received the package after just 4 days. After reading mixed reviews on cbn pills I was a little nervous, however…WOW. I’m in the process of getting a new career so I cant just smoke bud to fall asleep like usual, and this product worked wonders. I hit the pen a couple times and started to feel a little tired, but maybe it was just me placeboing myself. So a little bit later I hit it again a couple more times. Then I began to actually feel legitimately tired and kinda slump. Next thing I know I’m like dang, I need to go to bed, and felt incredibly tired, 10-15 minutes later, I was out for a good 10 hours. really good sleep, not too groggy the next day. Will certianly order more. Melotonin doesnt really do the job for me, benedryll does but it leaves me stupid groggy. This worked beyond my expectations. I’ll see how it is after a week!

  2. Lead Scientist

    John! Thank you for your review. We are so excited to hear that the CBN is benefitting your sleeping disorders. We will continue to do our best for our customers with natural supplements that have zero unwanted side-effects! Have a great week!

  3. Lead Scientist (verified owner)

    Thank you for your feedback. We will work on more clear serving size labeling and stronger formulas. Sincerely the PotluckExpo Team

  4. Craig M.

    this is the best CBD company I\’ve found. the product is excellent; the service is great and the variety is plentiful. I love it and have used it now for almost a year. it is my go to place for CBD and CBN products. I love it.

  5. Charles Lease (verified owner)

    Vape is good, but I have some suggestions.

    The CBN vape I got had an overwhelming burnt taste to it. Seems kind of harsh for my old lungs. However stating all that, it seemed to help relieve my anxiety and also curb some of the THC paranoia effects I sometimes get with using products from my local medical cannabis dispensary. Didn’t really make me sleepy though, just calm and relaxed. I think it helped my pain some too.

  6. Niceguy (verified owner)

    So convenient and extremely effective! My two favorite are the sleep wax and these cartridges after a long and very stressful day at work

  7. evan (verified owner)

    I brought my cartridge to high elevation (5000 feet) and it worked fine the first night, but second night it basically disintegrated in my hand and all of the oil oozed out. The cartridge fell apart in my hands basically. I emailed them about my experience but no response. This was my 3rd cartridge with them and now I will be going to another company. Lost about 50% of a 1gram cartridge.

  8. Lead Scientist (verified owner)

    Hello, we replied to your email and offered to replace the cartridge. Please kindly check your spam folder. Thank You

  9. Chris Bruce (verified owner)

    I got the CBN cart to try and help me sleep. Upon receiving the cart the first thing I noticed is that the oil is super, super thin. I’m not sure if this is normal for CBN carts. I have used other carts and the oil barley moves.There was also a slick almost greasy film covering the entire cart. Honestly I was scared to even hit this cart. I would love to have tried CBN as it sounds like a great product but this cart makes me nervous to try. It’s a shame.

  10. Lead Scientist (verified owner)

    We will have another shipped out to you today. Our CBN carts use a coconut oil base so the oil is a bit thinner.

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