Pure CBG – Cannabigerol Extract Powder Isolate

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Pure CBG – Cannabigerol Extract Powder Isolate

PotluckExpo.com offers you the very best Industrial Hemp based CBG Isolate powder.  We have not come across a better CBG isolate thus far! We are happy to bring you premium quality Cannabigerol isolate from Hemp grown in pure soil without any pesticides or heavy metals.

Pure CBG – Cannabigerol Extract Powder Isolate extraction education:

Pure CBG – Cannabigerol Extract Powder Isolate starts from an Industrial Hemp-Based biomass from a pesticide free certified family farm. Harvest is timed for maximum CBG potency.

Hemp biomass is taken to the extraction, supercriticial CO2 extracted for CBG oil with high pressure

Next, the crude CBG oil undergoes separation of the CBG molecule from the other plant waxes and components of the oil using a certified kosher solvent. The solvent is completely vaporized away using special lab equipment.

Bulk CBG wholesale is available

*Disclaimer: contains .3 THC or less*

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Pure CBG – Cannabigerol Extract Powder Isolate

Pure CBG – Cannabigerol Extract Powder Isolate is not considered psychoactive and is known to block the psychoactive effects of THC, by working to alleviate the paranoia sometimes caused by higher levels of THC .It has been shown to stimulate the growth of new brain cells in a process called neurogenesis. Neurogenic compounds are extremely rare, which makes CBG a very worthwhile subject for more research. CBG also is antibacterial, anti-tumor, and aids with insomnia. CBG is considered a ‘stem cell’ cannabinoid and can change into different cannabinoids, altering the overall effects of the plant. CBG, CBD, and the CBC’s all share the same molecular formula and weight, but have a different configuration. Wholesale Bulk CBG and other wholesale cannabinoids available! 

*Previously completed public scientific studies not evaluated by FDA

*Analgesic, *Antibacterial, *Anti-Epileptic , *Anti-Inflammatory, *Anti-Insomnia, *Anti-Proliferative, *Bone Stimulant, *Neurogenic

*Statements not evaluated or in any way related to the FDA. These statements are solely based on scientific research that can be accessed online publicly

CBG Cannabigerol Studys :

Glaucoma: A 2009 study found both CBG and THC to be very effective for relieving the intraocular pressure from glaucoma. This is an area that will undoubtedly be receiving more research in the years to come.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Much like CBD, CBG shows a lot of potential for controlling the inflammation that leads to IBD, and like CBD warrants further research.

Painkiller and Anti- Inflammatory: Recent research suggests that CBG has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and recommends further study.

5-HT1a Receptor Agonist/Antagonist?: CBG appears to do something at the 5-HT1a receptor that is not fully understood. It modulates the effects of other cannabinoids at this brain site, which is the hub of emotions and depression regulation in the brain. Depending on the study, evidence suggests that CBG may help with depression and anxiety, or possibly block certain anti-depressant drugs. One study in rodents showed that if the right combination of CBG and CBD were present the CBG would block some of the anti-nausea effects of the CBD, but it could not quite identify why (other than it related to the 5HT1a receptor).

Dravet Syndrome/Seizures: Anecdotal evidence and some current studies suggest that CBG may be beneficial to patients with Dravet and other seizure conditions. A new tincture was just released at Harborside Health Center which is the first CBG-rich tincture on the market. This tincture, named Jayden’s Juice after Jayden David, the young boy with Dravet syndrome made famous by Weed Wars, is currently what Jayden is using to combat his seizures instead of a purely CBD rich tincture. A study from earlier this year also suggests that CBG may help with seizure management, but the mechanisms aren’t fully understood.

There are lower concentrations of Cannabigerol (CBG) in most hemp and cannabis strains resulting in a much larger amount needed for purity distillation. In turn this raises the cost to where it is today.  Over time as hemp and cannabis strains evolve, the cost of CBG will decrease dramatically.





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1000 mg, 10,000 mg, 25,000mg

11 reviews for Pure CBG – Cannabigerol Extract Powder Isolate

  1. TIMOTHY JOHNSON (verified owner)

    I was quite impressed with the quality of Potluck-Expo’s CBG! Not only is this CBG Isolate of a higher quality than Bluebird Botanical CBG, but it is a $20 cheaper on this website. I noticed that any of my aches stopped hurting and that my sleep was better too. Thanks Potluck Expo !

  2. Mariella (verified owner)

    While the CBG isolate I am currently using I got from Europe, I have just ordered more from Potluck and am hoping to receive it soon. It is hard to find in the US right now. It helps me with my overactive bladder symptoms, just as it was said to do in a study with mice. I read that a usual dose of CBD isolate is 10-15mg, so that is what I am taking of the CBG, mixed with a dose of CBD tincture, and taken around the time I take my homemade chocolate infused with cooking hash. My hope is to encourage the “Entourage Effect” of multiple cannabinoids. I am very impressed with the capability of CBG and feel it’s potential is only barely discovered. I noticed it’s positive effect with the very first dose, quite a surprise.

  3. Lead Scientist

    On its way!

  4. Syelton (verified owner)

    Wow. Incredible stuff. Just started taking CBD, CBG, and CBN on top of my high THC treatment for my bad scoliosis, and joint arthritis, and just wow!! I have never felt better!! The entourage effect is super important when treating ailments with cannabinoids.

  5. heidi

    This is one of the only companies to sell other cannabinoids as CBG and CBN are tough to find. They have some of the better prices I have seen for 1 gram of CBG. You can add the CBG isolate to your CBD regimen easily.

  6. joseph b isaacs

    I was amazed to find a place that sells high quality CBG isolate at a great price. Look around – you won’t find it any cheaper!

  7. Nick (verified owner)

    CBG isolate is fantastic. Very competitive price & quality lab results, already purchased it multiple times. Hoping CBC isolate will be available soon too!

  8. Sharif Yelton (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this product since April and it is made a huge difference in my life. I got a bad back and my joints are all messed up and combining CBG to my cannabinoid regimen is definitely helping with my recovery!

  9. GaryN

    I have been ordering CBG Isolate from PotLuck for a few months now. This CBGI has a very good quality and it is encouraging to see the excellent independent lab test results for every batch. I have an autoimmune disease which causes extreme dryness in the tissues of the body. That dryness causes numerous other serious medical issues for me. I have been dealing with them for more than a decade and this is the first thing that has made any difference at all in my symptoms. Also, I have found the customer service to be very honest and helpful. I like the option for ordering larger quantity and getting a discount on the price as well since my medical bills are prohibitively high. Shipping and delivery have been quick and reliable. I would recommend PotLuckExpo to anyone considering buying CBGI.

  10. James Eisenhardt

    This product is fantastic for so money reasons. I’ve found that it works best a an antidepressant during the daytime. However I know the entourage effect definitely works so I’m working on mixing different cannabinoids to see which work best for night and day. So far CBG and CBD seem to be the best daytime mix. While a combo of CBG, CBD and CBN are excellent as well. Their pricing is also what it should be a not ripping people off. Love this company so far.

  11. KD

    I have been using a tiny amount of CBG crystals on the marijuana I vape a couple of times a day. I just bought the 1000 MG tincture of CBG and I’m not sure what a comparable dose would be. Can you help? BTW, CBG has been a tremendous help to me. And I love knowing that I am getting it in such a pure form. Thanks!

  12. Trung nguyen

    Great product. It made me sleepy and gave me a nice peaceful feeling

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