Since 2015 POTLUCK EXPO has stood by the quality and effectiveness of our products, which are all made with consistency and great care! You can rest assured that if there is a product you would like to try for the first time, GO AHEAD and ORDER IT! If you are not happy with a POTLUCK EXPO product we will provide you with a refund on the cost of the product after 30 days of trying it. Send it back to us and once it is received it will be refunded promptly.  *The only items that we cannot refund are extracts or products that are ordered internationally from outside of the USA
Refund or exchange may only be awarded once for each product type.  Refunds or exchanges will not be given after 40 days from customer receipt of item. Shipping charges are not refundable. Excessive or fraudulent refunds will not be given as determined by POTLUCK EXPO.
If you would like a refund please email us through the website with your name, order number and the product you would like to exchange or obtain a refund for.  Thank You!
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