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We are a small San Diego, California-based business that appreciates every single one of you so much!  Whenever we manufacture a small batch of products for our customers, we use the highest vibrations and alchemy methods to ensure we make your products with the best ingredients in the most sterile environment, but also with the highest intentions of health and happiness.

How do we do place high intentions into the products we make for you?

The Alchemist that is making your fresh batch of tinctures, vapes, balms, or patches is grounded and in the best of moods before even starting to make the batches.  Usually, we will also have classical music playing as the products are being mixed and poured.  Each bottle is filled with a warm smile and a happy heart. When your product is shipped out to you we wish each package to not only get to you speedily, but to also fulfill your desired purpose when using the product!
  For some, the unseen energy / intention is hard to understand, let alone believe,  however many quantum Physicists have proven much unseen phenomena with special measuring devices. You can read about the following in the link below:
-Brain mapping using electroencephalogram (EEG) technology
-Measurement of heart-brain coherence using heart rate variability (HRV) recording devices
-Electro-photonic imaging of the human energy field using gas discharge visualisation (GDV) camera
-Measurement of the energy changes using environment sensor technology

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