Buy CBD Oil for your Dogs and cats

From San Diego, CA Potluck Expo has hundreds of happy customers that buy CBD oil for their Dogs and Cats

We created an amazing CBD oil blend that not only soothes dog anxiety and cat anxiety but also helps ease arthritis pain in cats and dogs.

We have perfected our formula over the years. Tons of customers buy our CBD oil for pets. Some customers even buy Potluck Expo CBD oil for their horses. Customers that have bought CBD oil for their horses have reported that it helps their horses stay calm during storms and helps them to walk and run with less noticeable pain.

Potluck Expo has taken California and the USA by storm since 2017 upon our release of Animal Love CBD Oil for Dogs, Cats, Horses which is for sale online at or below on this page.

You may request a full refund if you are not satisfied after purchasing Potluck Expo CBD Oil for Pets aka Animal Love. View our refund policy 

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