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Did you know that POTLUCK EXPO started in the Cannabis industry in 2015 to locally assist Cannabis patients in obtaining Cannabis from Growers in San Diego by producing network events. Our first event was called the Potluck Medical Cannabis Expo and it was at the Hyatt Hotel on Mission Bay in San Diego, CA! It was an event with patients, vendors, music, food and consumption was allowed! You can see the press we received from the local Union Tribune and other papers:

Union TribuneSan Diego ReaderThe Cannabis Courier420 IntelChicago Tribune, Cannabis Reports (scroll down)

With all the regulations around the euphoria of THC, Potluck Expo decided to be the supreme pioneer to source, manufacture and share as many other Cannabis based molecules (aka. Cannabinoids) with the world as possible.  Our team began several research and development projects for different plant based medicines that would be inhalable, ingestable and topical. We saw the many benefits of different Cannabinoids that research had proven.  The new developing avenue we took towards these more unknown Cannabinoids was in order to help the larger majority of patients without infringing on any legal issues.


A simple philosophy: Potluck Expo combines Hemp with Science so you can go enjoy yourself at the Beach


Potluck Expo IS the Authority for premium Cannabinoids and blended plant medicine. When it comes to bringing you fresh, effective Hemp Cannabis plant medicine, we know what does and does not work and that can only come from years of ingredient and product experimentation combined with customer feedback.

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