Health Benefits of Fasting for 24+ hours per week

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What are the Health Benefits of Fasting for 24+ hours per week?


———- – – – Consider a Fasting Routine – – – ———

Fasting is the oldest known remedy in the world to animals and humans alike. When we feel any less than our amazing selves our bodies signal us to rest and conserve our energy. Each morning we wake up is a victory and automatically a wonderful day, am I right? Our bodies are constantly working for us day and night to clean us out and repair us so we can continue growing and living out our beautiful cycle of life! So COOL!!! One thing that is important to note is that each day our bodies have a special reserve of energy that is used to propel us through our day and this energy can be referred to as “vitality” or even “chi”.

The vitality or chi is circulating and scanning through our bodies to assist in things like digestion, healing wounds, keeping us warm, cooling us down, flushing toxins from our bodies and making our whole beings function at their highest level. This daily energy is ALWAYS working with us running on auto-pilot and can even be directed using intentional thoughts, concentration and conscious breathing (this will be discussed a bit later in another post).

Truth be told: Western society has been conditioned to eat in EXTREME EXCESS for the past several generations. Over-consumption is not helping humans and is contributing to things like: disease, low energy, world pollution and obesity! It just tastes so good….or does it? Here’s the thing about that tongue of ours that delivers taste memory to the brain….The tastes that release the serotonin enzyme in our bodies, in other words, the foods we consider yummy and bring us momentary joy, are learned by our bodies as being “delicious” and are even addicting as I’m sure you’ll agree….That sweet tooth after a meal or that salt we pour into our soup ….If hot sauce did not exist, nor would I….but seriously, the foods that you crave most and taste the best are normally the worst for your body! Fasting just 16-24 hours per day, once per week, you will gain complete awareness of the bodily effects from different types of food and how little food you actually need throughout the day.

What are you getting at with Fasting and Vitality stuff?

We are not taught this in school however, when we eat food throughout the day, our bodies are working each time we eat to break down and digest everything that enters our being. The most value in fasting (not eating food) is not only saving money on food costs but using the vitality that is normally used to digest food, to instead flush out toxins that have accumulated in our body’s. It can be seen in the urine on fasting days. Often the urine will be cloudy and full of toxins that your body is so happy to clear out now that it

can take a much needed rest from digesting all day everyday. Some great effects you will notice are healthy looking skin, more awareness, less mind chatter, appreciation for food, weight loss and more. Each time you fast it will become easier and you will notice a wonderful difference in yourself. So, I urge you to try fasting and using your body’s daily vitality, chi, energy force to cleanse more than just your intestines and stomach!

Meaning and origin of the word “fasting”

Definition: fast (v.) O.E. fæstan “to fast” (as a religious duty), from P.Gmc. *fastejan (cf. O.Fris. festia, O.H.G. fasten, Ger. fasten, O.N. fasta), from the same root as fast
(adj.). The original meaning was “hold firmly,” and the sense evolution
is via “firm control of oneself,” to “holding to observance” (cf. Goth.

fastan “to keep, observe,” also “to fast”). Presumably the whole group is a Germanic translation of M.L. observare “to fast.”

When one fasts they are observing the self and exercising self control. Fasters often experience feelings of connectedness and may have answers come to them that they have been wondering about. The fasters body is in a more natural state and is more biologically alert and “in-tune”.

Historically, the general idea regarding fasting was that when someone had denied themselves long enough they would be fit to receive or give something special as a result of their improved state. This might be a message or reward from a deity, a conferring of extra strength to help fight a battle, and so on. Ancient priests and shaman might fast to turn aside the wrath of vengeful spirits, hunters would fast to prove they deserve luck in killing their quarry, and a farmer might fast to encourage the spirits of earth and weather to send them bountiful crops.

Throughout the world of primitive man then we find there were three main motives for fasting: purity, rewards and thanks, and mysticism. The activity of fasting was a voluntary act, as opposed to going without food because none was available, and fasting often meant abstaining from all food and drink. Finally an argument can be made that fasting was the most common religious rite found among primitive cultures.

Tips for Fasting

Drink plenty of spring water
Accept that your body can function without food
Have will-power and self-control to not eat for 16-24 hours

Start your fast after a light dinner
Choose a day that you can relax and/or is not very strenuous
Take notice of how you respond (besides being a bit hungry)
Realize that you will not starve to death without food (some people do 21+ day fasts!)
Keep what you are doing to yourself during the fast, save energy from explaining to people
Fast with someone so you can help each other through it or compare effects
Eat a light meal of fruits and vegetables to break the fast along with electrolytes *if you have a condition that requires you to eat, i.e. diabetic, etc, fasting may not be for you*

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