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About CBDA Isolate Powder:

When you buy CBDA Isolate from Potluck Expo we will include the most current lab test analysis with your order. All CBDA isolate is made from organically grown USA hemp and is tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

What is the difference between CBDA and CBD Isolate Powder?

CBDA isolate is a pre-cursor to CBD because it has an extra chain of acid on it. CBDA is known as a carboxylated form of the CBD cannabinoid. When you “decarboxylate” or expose CBDA to elements such as oxygen, light and heat for a prolonged amount of time it will dissolve the acidic chain of the CBDA and you will be left with CBD. CBDA is said to move more rapidly and easily through the blood-stream being that it is a smaller molecule and mixes with the blood more readily without needing any fat cells. One study found that CBDA isolate was 1000x more powerful than CBD.

What are the effects on the body of CBDA?

The effects of CBDA include reduction of thermal pain in the body. See the following study that was conducted on mice.

CBDA has many of the same effects on the body as CBD however it is more readily absorbed by the body because it is a less dense and more fluid molecule which can more easily bind with the blood. CBDA is seemingly more of a stimulant that can aid in concentration and alertness counteracting the very well-known THC cannabinoid.

What does CBDA Isolate taste like?

CBDA isolate has an acidic taste and is best combined with a more palatable blend of ingredients. It has a tingle on the tongue and in the throat so test a small amount before consuming larger quantities.

How long does CBDA last in the body?

CBDA affects each person differently. Effects of CBDA in the body can be experienced 1-5 hours after consumption.

Does CBDA get you high?

No CBDA does not have any psychoactive effects.

How often should I take CBDA?

You should take CBDA servings 1-3 times daily or as needed

How much CBDA isolate should I take?

You should take 10-15mg of CBDA in each serving depending on your tolerance and weight.

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