CBD Vape

Perfectly Formulated For Vaporization

POTLUCK Expo’s CBD Vape – high potency, terpene and essential oils enriched, therapeutic honey oils, perfectly formulated for vaporization in our own stylish, discreet vaporizer pen, or your pen of choice. The beauty of vape is that 50-80% of the inhalation goes directly into the bloodstream, allowing you to quickly and efficiently reap the therapeutic and medicinal benefits from the cannabis/essential oils blend of your choice.  Our vape oil offers immediate and effective relief to the user whenever needed, helping to keep blood levels up and symptoms at bay.  Because of the high potency of concentrates, a little goes a long way, and you can control how much you ingest. Another benefit is that “vaping” is a much less harmful alternative to smoking in that the vapor inhaled is virtually free of toxins and carcinogenic residue and easier on the lungs…and there is no second-hand smoke.

Many studies, including those published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology and in the Journal of the American Academy of Neurology, attest to the safety and effectiveness of vaporizers as delivery systems for administering CBD, THC and other cannabinoids for medical purposes.



CBD Vape Pen Cartridge in different CBD Ratios

CBD vape cartridges.  Made with all natural ingredients for holistic healing.  Cannabidiol is made from hemp.

Why POTLUCK Expo Vape?

What makes us so different?  We have created a proprietary line of vape oils that combine the therapeutic effects of cannabis and aromatherapy.  The benefits of these combinations using a proprietary blend of essential oils and terpenes along with cannabis produces a unique honey oil that not only tastes good, it also has the added therapeutic benefits derived from aromatherapy.

By combining the powerful therapeutic benefits of cannabis with the unique healing attributes of aromatherapy, POTLUCK Expo has designed a line of vape options targeted to provide relief from a variety of symptoms. All of our proprietary blends are guaranteed to provide you with the best tasting therapies available.  Talk to us today about incorporating POTLUCK Expo’s therapeutic vape into your treatment plan.

CBD Vape – Cannabidiol

POTLUCK Expo CBD Rich Vape is a premium, terpene rich cannabidiol supercritical CO2 extract that patients vape for immediate relief from a variety of ailments.  This lab tested extract is 100mg of CBD, making it very therapeutic without the high typically associated with high levels of THC.  Our first aromatherapy infused CBD Vape blend is formulated to address inflammation and pain based issues.

Additional information

Cartridge / CBD Quantity

.5 ml vape cartridge with 100mg of Hemp based CBD with Aromatherapy, .5 ml vape cartridge with 200mg of Hemp based CBD with Aromatherapy, .5 ml vape cartridge with 400mg of Hemp based CBD with Aromatherapy