Win the morning, win the day! Morning routine to try

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Healthy Living Newsletter: Win the morning with a personal routine

Healthy living starts with your mindset and morning routine!  You will find yourself wanting to wake up earlier, having more energy and more drive to complete projects. Here is a quick guide to my morning routine that I started 30 days ago…

1. Rise with the sun or soon after by setting an alarm as needed in the beginning.
2. Drink a tall glass of fresh squeezed lemon water – squeeze 1-2 fresh lemons into a glass, add a pinch of baking soda then fill with fresh drinking water.
3. Make a warm cup of your favorite tea or coffee and grab some easy care-free /meditative reading material (nothing too intense or dramatic)
4. Walk to your favorite outdoor space with your warm beverage and reading material and just sit there with focus on intense enjoyment in drinking your beverage and reading.
5. After you have finished your beverage, stand up and pay attention to the parts of your body that may need additional relaxation. For me, it is my hips, hamstrings and middle upper-back between the shoulder blades.
6. Do some of your favorite stretches while breathing deep.  The deep breathing will help these muscles to release as you stretch.
7. After stretching, do some light body energy circulating movements aka. Tai-Chi. (You can find several simple movements to do yourself) Be sure to focus on positivity and how amazing you want your day to be by setting some intentions.
After doing this simple 30-45 minute routine each morning I have noticed that I have an iron will to feel good and accomplish my daily goals such as finishing chores, work tasks, getting a good workout at the gym and more!  I notice I have been more balanced throughout the day and into the night.  I have more energy and positivity and want to wake up in the morning and get out of bed.  These sacred morning routines are my special time to create mental strength and will.  If you can win the morning, you will win the day! Give it a try and add /change what works for you.
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