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CBG is the mother cannabinoid and is the first to develop as CBGa when the Cannabis Hemp plant is beginning to flower.  CBD is a derivative of CBGA and CBG as the flowers mature and transform the CBGA cannabinoid into all the other mature phase cannabinoids up until harvest time.

Medically researched uses are showing that CBG and CBGA bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in all organs of living organisms bodies. Animals included.

Medical Patient surveys have demonstrated that products containing CBG oil assisted greatly with relief of chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as other conditions.

Will I be high from CBG?

There are no psychoactive effects from consuming the cannabinoid CBG. It is not an intoxicant in any way.

Is there medical research on CBG?

CBG used to reduce eye pressure

CBG for inflammatory bowel diseases ie. Colitis, IBS

Treating nerve cell nervous system disease with CBG

CBG for attention deficit disorder and hyperactive ADD, ADHD

Anti-bacterial ingredient of CBGCBG as an appetite stimulant

What are the positive effects of CBG?

-By binding to the CB receptors is creates a stronger bond and release of Anandamide hormone creating enhanced pleasure and motivation, regulation of appetite and sleep, and alleviation of pain. Surveys also have pointed to CBG effects adding to focus and productivity. Different than THC, CBG has no psychoactive effects, so it will not make you feel high.

Does CBG show up on a drug test?

CBG is not normally screened for on a drug test and should not produce any positive results similar to that of THC which is what drug tests are looking for. As long as there is not THC in the CBG oil products you are using you are good to go.

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