San Diego’s Best CBD Oil for Dogs!

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San Diego’s Best CBD Oil for Dogs!

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The following is some research regarding a Dog’s receptors for CBD and some benefits CBD oil has on Dogs:

San Diego, California is a paradise for us and our Dogs and CBD oil is a miracle for dogs suffering from a variety of ailments! This natural, non-psychoactive compound interacts directly with their endocannabinoid system – regulating their hormones, relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Study’s and customer reviews show that CBD is an extremely effective healthcare treatment for your dog. Combined with a high-quality diet (that is not kibble, even the healthiest one) It helps to reduce anxiety and stress, increases appetite, helps with skin issues, reduces seizures and even can help fight tumors! So if your pup is feeling under the weather, look into trying out this amazing remedy in combination with exercise and a healthy, non-kibble diet—it just might do wonders for them. 

Let’s check out how CBD oil has been found to have a range of potential positive effects on a dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for regulating important bodily functions such as mood, appetite, sleep, and immune function. Potential positive effects are as follows:

  1. Reduces inflammation: CBD oil for dog has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort in dogs. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.
  2. Relieves anxiety: CBD oil has been found to have calming effects on dogs, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. This is particularly helpful for dogs with separation anxiety or other anxiety-related issues.
  3. Supports immune function: The ECS is involved in regulating immune function, and CBD oil has been found to support the immune system by promoting the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines.

While we are at it, let’s use our common sense and think about the nature of an animal. An animal is a wild creature that is born with all it needs to inherently and intuitively survive.  Much like humans, most animals would be 100% healthier without foreign man-made substances injected or inserted into their body’s. We were created with all we need to be healthy and I know this is an unpopular opinion and in fact have had Vets get extremely angry with me, however I have done my research and I know the facts!  My 15 year old Chihuahua who can still walk for miles will tell you that I know my stuff. Another couple pawsitive effects of CBD Oil for dogs in San Diego and around the world:

      4. Promotes homeostasis: Help’s maintain balance in the body by regulating various bodily functions. This can help promote overall health and well-being in dogs.

      5. Helps with seizures: CBD oil for Dog’s has anticonvulsant effects and will help reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in dogs with epilepsy.

Potluck Expo has been manufacturing Broad Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs and all animals for the last 5+ years and have continuously improved our product. We have made hundreds of pets and their owner’s smile and feel good again!

Give Potluck Expo CBD Oil for Pets a shot risk-free for 30 days and if your pet is not happier we will provide a FULL REFUND!

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