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What is CBGA isolate?

CBGA is a precursory cannabinoid in Hemp flower, meaning it is the first to develop when the flowers are blooming before converting into other cannabinoids. CBGA stands for Cannabigerolic Acid and converts to CBG over time or with heat, oxygen and UV light exposure. CBGA is said to be more beneficial than CBG if you are wanting to penetrate the “brain-blood barrier”.
This is a popular cannabinoid for laboratories to work with as it is more easily converted into other cannabinoids.
You can buy CBGA isolate legally in the United States. CBGA powder does not have any intoxicating or psychoactive effects and has been reported to have soothing effects on muscles, occular pressure, anxiety and stress.

Is it legal to have CBGA?

It IS legal to have CBGA. There are no laws against being in possession of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

About our wholesale bulk CBGA quality:

The CBGA isolate that we have for sale is sourced from top-tier laboratories in the USA. The hemp that the CBGA is extracted from is always grown organically in pesticide-free soil within the USA. Full certificates of analysis are available for soil quality, hemp cannabis strain profile, pesticides report and more. Many company’s in the Hemp and Cannabis industry do not have the experience and connection that Potluck Expo has due to the fact that we have been in this industry since 2015. Before CBG was widely available for sale we would import it into the USA for our customers and in-house products. Contact us today to have a conversation about how Potluck Expo can help you with your CBGA isolate and other hemp extract needs.

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