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CBGA Isolate Powder

Buy CBGA ISOLATE Powder Online

CBGA ISOLATE HEMP OIL EXTRACT has a slightly acidic taste and is best used by melting into a carrier oil or distillate for consumption.

CBGA vs CBG: CBGA is the acidic version of CBG. CBG has been “decarboxylated” from CBGA with a combination of heat, light, and oxygen. CBGA can penetrate the blood-brain barrier much easier than CBG. CBG and CBGA are both absorbed by the CB receptors in all major organs of the body.



Buy CBGA Isolate Powder Online

Buy CBGA ISOLATE Powder Extract


Frequently Asked Questions About CBGA

What is the difference between CBG vs CBGA?

CBGA is an acidic precursor to CBG and CBGA is in its original form before any heat, light or oxygen has converted it to CBG. CBGA is unique because it is the first type of Cannabinoid molecule that develops in Hemp and Cannabis flowers and then naturally converts throughout the harvest to other Cannabinoids like CBDA, CBD, Delta 8 9 10 THC, CBC and more tropical minor Cannabinoids too!

Are there Scientific Studies with CBGA?

Science Direct – CBGA

Oregon State CBGA Research Article

Cannabinoids Block Cellular Entry of SARS- Covid Study


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