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Fully hemp derived distillate. Oil soluble. Great for mixing with other isolates and distillates for vape juice and vape cartridges. Thin non crystallized liquid distillate with a light tasting flavor.



Frequently Asked Questions about CBT Cannabicitran Cannabinoid:

What are the uses of CBT Cannabicitran?

Many manufacturers and individuals utilize this minor cannabinoid with different vape cartridge / vape juice mixes. It is a liquid distillate comprised of only cannabinoids and is great to blend and cut other Hemp Cannabis distillates and isolates with before using them in vaporizer cartridges.

What are the benefits of Cannabicitran?

The benefits of CBT Cannabicitran are subtle feelings of calmness and mental clarity. The benefit of using this distillate in your vape juice mixes is that your end product will be free of any mixing/cutting agents that are not Hemp Cannabis derived for a smoother and cleaner chemical-free vaping experience. Typical vape cartridges and juices use chemicals like vegetable glycerin, coconut oil and propylene glycol. They produce nice vape clouds, however are not the best to be inhaled multiple times per day.

What is CBT, the cannabinoid?

CBT or Cannabicitran is a rare but naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp, first discovered in 1974. Although research into CBT is still limited, industry leaders are currently developing a range of CBT products that could revolutionize the hemp industry. CBT appears to be non-intoxicating, similar to CBD and CBG, and its potential benefits have drawn attention from the international scientific community.

What kind of research is being conducted on CBT?

There is limited research on CBT at present. However, a 2011 study found a substance chemically identical to CBT in Chinese rhododendron, a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Additionally, a 2018 study shed light on the origins of CBT in cannabis, which is derived from cannabichromene (CBC). Researchers are eagerly looking forward to more results as the unique benefits of this rare cannabinoid are uncovered.

Who is the target audience for CBT?

Currently, CBT appeals to adventurous cannabinoid consumers who are always looking to try the next best thing. Although there isn’t enough anecdotal evidence to draw firm conclusions regarding how CBT will affect individuals, fans of CBD and CBG are eager to try new, non-psychoactive cannabinoids that may offer unique benefits not offered by other hemp compounds.

What are the effects and benefits of CBT?

Based on limited anecdotal evidence, CBT appears to have non-intoxicating effects that are similar to those of CBD and CBG. CBT is sometimes used as an anti-crystallization ingredient and is useful in identifying cannabinoids in a sample. A 1984 study found that CBT may be a non-intoxicating option for glaucoma patients currently using THC. More research is needed to determine the unique benefits of this cannabinoid.

Which cannabinoids complement CBT products?

To gain traction, CBT products should be paired with a substance that people are already familiar with. CBD and CBC are suggested as ideal pairings, with CBD taking the well-traveled route and CBC approaching from a more experimental perspective. CBT can also be paired well with other cbd and thc distillates for vape cartridges and tincture drops.

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